Is your chimney in need of repair?

Chimneys often get neglected.  They take a great deal of battering from the wind and rain and need inspecting to ensure the structure is safe.

Over time the mortar will crack and crumble due to erosion caused by the weather.  If left the brickwork can become unstable and usually all that is required is to clean away the old mortar and re-point the brickwork on the chimney.  No-one wants an unstable chimney which could fall and damage the roof, or fall onto something or someone nearby.

We will re-point your chimney, or re-build if necessary.  As well as re-pointing your chimney stack we can also assess the chimney pots and repair or replace if needed.  You can trust M N Rooflines to complete the job on time, and within budget.
Our builders are highly qualified and will keep you informed every step of the way.  We provide a professional and friendly service.

We use good quality materials and ensure all of our work is to an exceptional standard and finish.

Paragon Home Improvements can undertake a range of work, including:


Chimney stack repairs

Chimney and brickwork re-pointing

Pots, cowls, caps and bird guards fitted

Birds nests removed




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